About SWC

Our Mission:

"To offer hope to children that have no hope and provide an exhilarating camping experience to the entire family.

The Barrier/ Sweet Water Christian Camp is a

California 501C3 organization that is dedicated to reaching youth with the

message of Jesus Christ. Located in Mariposa County in California, we are just

a short distance from Yosemite National Park and enjoy the beautiful weather,

scenery, and history of the California Motherlode. Our hope is that Sweetwater

Christian Camp will be used as an effective tool to reach all families with the

Gospel message.

Sweetwater Camp was started in 2009 with what looked like an impossible vision given by God. With 0.00 dollars in the bank and just the drive and vision given by God that impossible vision quickly turned in to a reality. From just one accidental meeting with one person sharing this vision, within days it turned into purchasing of 125 acres and with what seemed like one impossible hurtle of having engineering and surveying done to cut in a 2 mile road and facing what appeared to be road blocks after road blocks, God brought in people after people and companies after companies based solely through the 

“ hey I know a guy” 

these impossible hurdles we faced vanished. Within months a road was cut, and pads were cut for 30 foundations for cabins. Earth was then moved for an amphitheater and an eating area and then volleyball court, (with almost 0 cost to the camp!) Within a short time we were holding primitive camps. When God says He wants to build something and you let His love and wisdom guide you WOW things can happen. People talk about wanting to see the hand of God at work and wanting to know if He's real, well I must say what has happened  here at Sweetwater shows just that.

One of our main goals here at Sweetwater is to have an affordable camp for all to come. Based on this idea we are driven to have youth camps at no cost or at minimal fees. God has pressed it on our hearts to have a place that can be affordable to all youth. With the continuing help of individuals and companies donating time and finances we hope we will be able to achieve this goal and let no youth be turned away due to finances. We are seeing more and more that we are living in a time and world where morals, integrity and honesty no longer matter and we hope and pray that by attending Sweetwater Camp we can instill values into our youth and show them what it means to be a man or woman of God. 

Thank you.

Phil Bailey CEO

Lance Donaldson CFO

If you are interested in helping or giving please give us a call or shoutout on Facebook or Instagram.